Saraburi accommodation


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Jan 14, 2011
Pit stop after 6th ride around the world, in USA,
Oldest 1931, newest 2016, numerous makes and models in between on several continents
Hey, I recognize that place. Stayed there once. Price was right, but.... bring your own sleeping sack or sheets....and stop at 7/11 for a can of bug spray, fumigate the room while out to dinner.

Killed these two cockroaches in the main room, heard them before I saw them:
Cockroaches killed (600 x 450).jpg

While the room did not have air con, it did have an overhead fan...that worked on one noisy speed. I especially liked the phone on the stand outside the toilet, I suspect for calling for room one time. The wire was cut so the phone was dead.
Phone for room service (600 x 450).jpg

And then there was the toilet. The sink drain had no plug, so water would run out the bottom of the drain and splashed on my feet. Good for washing dirty shoes/boots:
No drain plug (600 x 450).jpg

On the upside, for old guys like me with bad knees, the toilet was a sitter, not a squatter... although I chose not to sit during morning ablutions:

Sitter, not a squater (600 x 450).jpg

Thanks for the memories :-)
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