Royal Enfield 400cc

I suppose it is all down to where you live. But not a lot of difference in power between the 350 & the 500. A 400 just seems a pointless venture, maybe a program for the apprentices at Enfield. Now a 650 twin would fill a gap !!!
I think the 63% increase in sales is bigger and better news than the development of a 400cc version.
Both are good and interesting news Marcel.
I'm wondering if we'll ever see REs being sold here.
Hope so.
A few months ago I had a telephone discussion with Mr. Fritz Egli on Enfield and the then brand new Continental GT.
Mr. Egli is the distributor of RE in Switzerland and knows the Enfield engines very well.

Any kit that Egli will bring out for the RE Continental GT (if any!) will NOT suitable for road use, at least in Europe, the homologation rules prevent such use.
Mr. Egli's products are of such a level that they are not interesting for mass production.
That's why I suggested that RE work with Egli to build a better engine, kind of like HD did with Porsche, or the Hero/Buell products.
Neither Mr. Egli nor RE will have sufficient budget to allow for homologation of such an engine.
For RE it is not a priority, they have sold 63% more bikes the last (almost) year anyway.
For Mr. Egli it is impossible to apply for such as the potential market is so small.
I was trying to say that RE should build a better engine instead of just another one with 50cc and a couple of horses more.

Using the input of an outside source to refine the existing 350 would be smart; I suggested input from Egli because he already has proven that it can be done.

I did not try to say that RE should build a 40hp 624cc engine and I am aware that Egli is successful with his business.

Concerning the potential market: build it and the buyers will come! :)
Both are good and interesting news Marcel.
I'm wondering if we'll ever see REs being sold here.
Hope so.

Didnt they put some on show at a recent bangkok (??) motor show.. Saying they were attempting to get them passed here and start Thai sales ??

I have a vague memory of a 180k price bandied about ??
Correct, they were exhibiting at the BKK Motorshow however that effort to enter the Thai market died.
I believe that RE has a renewed interest in the Thai and ASEAN markets now.
But finding the correct partner and getting the Thai homologation done are two major and important steps that take time.
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