Requirements to ride into Vietnam


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May 4, 2016
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I planned to ride from Malaysia to Vietnam in coming July and hope to get some up-to-date advises from people who had rode into Vietnam recently, actually, preferably this year in 2016. Reading from past post, there are a fair bit of information so I'm not sure if things has changed. Let me list out what I know so far and then hopefully the experienced can correct my understanding.

1. Papers - Passport / Bike registration / International driving license - I rode all the way to Thailand/Laos/Cambodia and no one ever asked for international driving license, do I need it?
2. Vietname tour agency arrangement is NOT required - need confirmation though
3. Enter through Pang Hoc (Laos) / Bien Phu (Vietnam)
4. Exit through Krong Kampong Cham (Cambodia)


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Mar 7, 2014
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2. Vietnam tour agency arrangements are definitely still required - if they weren't there would be a long thread here about it and surely Vietnam would have become one of the most popular riding destinations in SEA by now. Members who have driven to Vietnam (I have too, but in a Lao registered car, which is covered under the Lao-Vietnam cross-border transport agreement and thus exempt from requiring pre-arrangements to be made) should be able to provide you with more advice about who to contact and what their requirements are.
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