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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
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The top policeman responsible for introducing the new driving licence points system has said that the new measures will be up and running in December.

Tweaks are taking place and the public will be informed about the system in a PR campaign from next month, said Maj-Gen Ekkarak Limsangkat.

The Maj-Gen told Daily News at the 14th seminar on road safety in Bang Na last week that getting points on licences for infractions on the roads had been in place in the US, Japan and Europe for 20 years.

He hopes that once the system comes in in Thailand that the number of accidents on the roads will diminish just like it had in Japan and the western countries.

He was quoted as saying that there are 6 deaths a day (Thaivisa notes that this was probably meant to be 60 in their story). He said the death toll was more than 20,000 people a year that would tally with about 60 per day.

Picture: Daily News

Such an admission was also made by DPM Prawit Wongsuwan at the same conference, notes Thaivisa.

Ekkarak explained that the points system will give each driver 12 points that he called "credit".

There are two kinds of offences. The first kind are minor ones that would merit fines but no points. However, if fines are not paid within a stipulated period then under Article 155 of the road traffic law both a fine and points will be levied.

In the second group are more serious offences such as speeding, going the wrong way on the highway, passing through red lights, DUI, using phones while driving and not wearing helmets on motorcycles.

Daily News gave examples of how many points will be deducted:

Drunk driving: 3 points
Red lights: 2 points
Helmets and speeding: 1 point each

Ekkarak said that if you use up all your credit or points then your licence will be suspended for 90 days.

Repeat offenders face a three year ban and having to retake their driving test.

Police will post fines to people and then they have 15 days to pay up. If they don't then the Department of Land Transport will be contacted so that fines can be paid at the DLT when tax renewal time comes.

If offenders don't have enough money to pay they can still renew their tax but will get a 30 day final notice on the fine after which no tax disc can be issued.

Motorists will have the ability to check outstanding fines online, he said.

Full details are promised in September with the system finally rolled out in December.

Source: Daily News


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Jul 3, 2013
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Let's wait and see.
Its got to be better then what it is now
Live in hope.

I can see with the 1 point for non crash helmets.
Just in CR that will upto 1000 points a day min.
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