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Aug 15, 2012
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Can't really see where else to post this... maybe a general photos section?

Anyhow... some panoramas I've taken whilst riding in Asia

This one is between Luang Prabang and Phonsavan, on the northern dirt route - not a sign of human habitation to be seen


Here's the vista from Brother Number Five's house at Anlong Veng. Hes aka Ta Mok, or The Butcher


Halong Bay, Vietnam


Between Nong Khiaw and Muang Ngoi, Laos


The spiderweb rice paddies in Flores, Indonesia


The Saphan Mon bridge at Sangkhlaburi, before it was partly washed away


The Sea of Sand from Mt Penanjakan, which, at 9,088' overlooks the 7,641' Mt Bromo (the grey, partly obscured crater). Mt Batok is the green cone

Lake Toba, in Sumatra, was a favourite for me. Here's a couple from there


My older ones (Flores and Vietnam) were with a Nikon D100 - which I managed to drown. Later ones are with a D7000. I also have some I've taken with a P&S - a Nikon AW100.

I see Pounce has one there at Nong Khiaw. Here's some from there too... some with the small camera.

This one is out of the truck window, while driving, on a straight road btw

That'd be this truck

Another weird one from Nong Khiaw

and a bit SE of there

Always better if you try to avoid fences or roads in front of the picture to eliminate the horseshoe effect.

Here's a few from Route 4b in Laos

I take a few pictures then stitch them together with Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor)
All mine were taken with a Panasonic FT3
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