Open House Products V100 Dry Bags


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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
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Open house products have been around for a while and service the emergency response departments with various medical bags and the like. They now have a range of very robust dry bags ( V100) that can easily linked to one another, the come is sizes 25lt, 10lt and 5lt each having its own webbing straps to connect one to the other. Prices are very reasonable too starting at 9 quid for a 5lt and 20 quid for the 25lt. They only post in the UK so you will need a friend to post over to Thailand, but they may be a good option for keeping all your stuff separate and 100% dry.

V100-12.jpg V100-11.jpg V100-10.jpg

They also do a range of packs of 5 self heating food packs that could come in handy for those wet camping trips :DD

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