Old school US bike shop in Tokyo

Kamakura Kid

Mar 3, 2011
Kamakura, Japan
Little Wing Engineering
Old School HD and Indian shop in Tokyo

I first entered Harleydom in late ’95. In Feb ’96, I got transferred to Tokyo. Little Wing was fairly close to where I lived. Mr Ohira (gent in grey coveralls) taught me a heckuva lot about the proper care and feeding of a Shovelhead. The gent in white is his trusty right hand man Nori.

LW is known for Indian expertise, the day I visited there were Indians from fairly far away in for repairs. The newest bike there was a 1980 Low Rider, on sale for about 32KUSD using today’s exchange rate.Shovel Low Riders are the most sought after used HD’s in Japan. The yellow Flattie on sale is going for the same price.

Enough verbiage. Pics!

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