New voltage regulator/rectifier launched on Kickstarter


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May 21, 2022
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Dear all,

We from Ultimate Rectifier are trying to get publicity for our Kickstarter project. We know that this is against the forum rules, but we hope there can be an exception for us. We are motor enthusiasts and familiar with the voltage regulator/rectifier problems. Therefore, we started an engineering team to develop the Ultimate Rectifier in our spare hours. Now four years later, the product is finished. We have designed a new and patented voltage regulator/rectifier that can handle extremely high loads. The engineering was more expensive than we thought and therefore we can’t afford much advertisement. We are looking for pre-sales to get our voltage regulator/rectifier on the market and solve this problem for ones and for all. For more information:

The Ultimate Rectifier.

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Interesting. I've had to replace a few over the years. The price seems steep..... at Euro 140.

I'm fairly sure I put one into a BMW650 s while back - paid, IIRC about Euro 50 - for aftermarket one. The last couple in Thailand - CRF and a CRF one I put onto a DRZ were cheaper. That's three... across about 50 bikes.
Hi Bigfella,

Sure the price is a bit on the high-end of the market, but you get a much more robust product.
The components used are high quality, and you shouldn't change the voltage regulator/rectifier again.
If you buy one now at Kickstarter you pay 110 not 140.
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