New Anti-theft Crash Helmet lock


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Jul 3, 2013
Shandong (China)
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Had details of the new product being made and sold by LOBBO emailed to me.

Where do you leave your crash helmet.?

If you have a 2 cent head and you wear a 2 cent helmet move on nothing of interest for you.

But some of us do have very expensive crash helmets.
So far not had a problem leaving mine hanging on the bike.
But I would be very upset if one day it goes missing.

Reading the details and looking at the pictures, it is designed to bolt through lockable side boxes.
But I see no reason why the lock cant be fitted elsewhere into some fixing hole? I am told by Loboo there has an agent in Thailand.

When I have details and cost I will post them on RA.

Below is what LOBOO says about the lock.

LOBOO Aluminum alloy helmet anti-theft lock, can be installed on all aluminium alloy boxes on the market, and can match the LOBOO aluminium alloy box key perfectly (need to provide key number) The locks and helmets are easy to use. They are suitable for all double D-buckles and snap-on-the-strap-on headgear. Free the tail box and the side box to the maximum extent during the trip, The new patent appearance and structure design, CNC fine carving, Excelsior, LOBOO and you have nearly strict requirements on the quality, making every product carefully.





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