Nans Side Roads Plus The Wa-Nan River Confluence 10-12-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 101, 4020, 4005, 1243, 1258, 4020, 3015, 3026, 1026, 3014, 3003, 3171

Total distance 231 km

First stop was the Honda shop for an oil change and this time I managed to get a new sump plug put in, 120 Baht for the oil and 50 Baht for the sump plug and I was on my way

I headed out along the 101 taking a left onto the 4020 to get to try out the 4005

The workers are busy lifting these heavy sacks of maize up onto the trailer

I was well impressed with the 4005 and cant understand how I have missed it before, after all it is on my Thinknet map

Its fantastic scenery along here plus a very good surface too

I reach the 1243 turning right towards Nam Muap

Both my Thinknet map and the gps show the 1258 as going from the 1243 through Ban Nam Pu to the 1168 as a main road.
I find the turn off on the 1243 at N18.38.289 E100.58.170 and turn left onto it

To my trained eye its definitely a dirt road

Stunning scenery

Plus its fairly easy going

The Wa river in the distance

Its quite a steep descent down to Ban Nam Pu

And sure enough 5.2 km of dirt riding later it brings me to the narrow bamboo bridge that I was at a couple of days ago.
Here its N18.36.927 E101.00.271

Thinknet and Garmin are slightly out saying this is an asphalt road

I decide to ride back along the dirt track as I know I can do that, riding over that rickety bridge and possibly falling in a deep fast flowing river was not the wiset choice to make

I turn left onto the 1243 and a few km later take a right onto the 4020

Once again I am riding alongside the Wa river

Another fun road with some good twisty bits along it

I take a left onto the 3015 passing this

I looked for the Wa-Nan confluence once before and couldnt find out how to reach it, today with the helpo f a gps I found it.

The Wa is straight ahead flowing towards me

The Nan is flowing from my left

Now united as the Nan river they flow off to my right

N18.33.770 E100.45.892 is the closest you can ride to the confluence, then its a walk across that field

I ride a few km along the 1026 then take a right onto the 3014 at N18.28.612 E100.43.337

A very promising start

A ten km stretch of asphalt

Some nice sections along here

Some friendly kids but the one in the blue shirt is a bit shy

I reach the 101 at N18.32.724 E100.41.944 turning left onto it then about five km later I take a left onto the 3003 at N18.31.900 E100.39.291

Its turned cloudy and overcast now

Some good bends and great scenery along the 3003s 40.5 km length which takes me back to the 1026 at N18.22.184 100.42.324, from here its back home after a pleasant day riding some old favourites plus discovering some new ones

The 1026 has plenty of bends along its length

Its the mixed grill at Tonys Place tonight, a very filling meal for 250 Baht,I had extra onions in place of the tomato

Get the gdb file here ... onfluence/
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