Nan-Nam Wa Hydro Power Project+Offroad-Nan 1-12-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
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The route 1168, 1243, 1123, 1083, 1026, 3171, 101

Total distance 307 km

I ride out on the 1168 stopping at the Huai Haet reservoir

Its 2-3 metres below capacity

At Mae Charim the workers are busy toiling away in the field

A bit further and these schoolkids are doing some manual labour today

Sexual equality here, the girls are doing exactly the same thing

In the hills now and theres the Wa river bubbling away

I call in to see how the hydropower dam project is going, I imagine this is the exact point for the rivers flow to be stopped and next holidays visit should see it full to capacity

This building and the electric bits were not here in january on my last visit

I dont understand this, they are metre markers but its not a 230 metre high dam

The weir is now finished and not a massively high water level so perhaps not too big an area will be submerged

I am looking and estimating that about 11 metres lower at the 200 metre mark is where the water enters the turbines so goodness knows what the 211 metres signifies unless its above sea level.
Any ideas anyone?

One of the engineers tells me it will be operational next year

The 1243 is a good fun road along here

With this brilliant scenery

There doesnt appear to be so much loose debris on the road today

I reach the unmade section which starts at N18.21.173 E100.59.203, about five km before here the road surface badly deteriorated for the whole 5 km length

There were a few of these in the shade

Its fairly easy going to start with

With lots of dense bamboo forest

Theres road signs along here

Plus good views when you can see it

Even km markers, the only thing missing is a paved surface

In places its easy going then there are some really rutted parts plus lots of loose large stones make the journey hard going for some of the way.
I would definitely not recommend this for larger heavier road bikes, motards and DP bikes only

Water and there are signs here that people do come here

I dont believe it, for the first time ever in nine years of riding this road I see another vehicle along here.
I stop and tell them its 14 km of a rough track in a car

16.5 km later at N18.21.244 E101.03.251 I reach the asphalt section which is on the province border, this 16.5 km took me 54 minutes to cover.
I guess this is another road that will never be paved the entire length

This Monk is just about to start walking the unpaved section, rather him than me

Theres been a landslip here and thats some almighty large boulder sitting there

The lovely twisty 1243 that awaits me

I take a right onto the 1083 to ride to Na Noi

The same stunning scery through here too with equally no traffic either

The Nan river

I dont have time to wait and see them ride off towing the trailer through the field but I imagine the Honda Dream managed it okay

Its half a roast chicken with stuffing, fries, beans gravy, onions and chillies at Tonys Place tonight for 154 Baht, this was a special and isnt on the menu every day.
Get the gdb file here ... froad-nan/


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Feb 6, 2011
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Nice trip and i think what that measurement is,, That is measurements FROM SEA LEVEL,, as when i did check Google earth and go to over NAN after GPS there is measurement what is accounted from SEA level,,, :shock:
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