Nails on the road causing trouble for motorcyclists in Khon Kaen


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Jan 20, 2011
Saw this today

"Reporters from Sanook went to Khon Kaen to investigate after nails keep appearing on the road between Ban Thum and Sawathee sub-districts.

At least ten motorcycles have needed completely new tires in the last couple of months.

Phansak Khamya, 31, said that one day he collected two whole handfuls of new nails.

By next day another man had found a load more. It is not considered likely that they got there by accident.

The local Phu Yai Ban (village leader) believes that either local youths are causing mischief or repair shops in the area are trying to drum up custom by spreading nails on the hard shoulder.

Source: Sanook"
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