N.O.B. Ride Fri 19th Oct


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Feb 10, 2011
Gas Gas 250 (Trials), YZ250 (enduro), DRZ440 (Supermoto) CBR900 Streetfighter (scary !!)
Plans ??

I am mad busy today, but I think I left the YZ ready to go not needing anything.. Need to give it a once over but should be ok.

To be honest, wouldnt mind a day playing solo on the gas gas up at that waterfall or similar.. But can do trials stuff any day.

Depends on routes and plans.. Whose around and whats being considered ??
Max was asking me who's riding tmrrw ....there's a bunch of people not in town (Rockafella I, II & III, Matt, Justin, Luke, all not around etc...), I can't make tomorrow, up for another day though.
Good day for trials tooling then..
I'll go riding, but don't know where when and with who yet.
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