Motocross / offroad day Chiang Mai


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Apr 28, 2011
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It's been a long while since last NOB ride, so let's see if anyone would be interested in a track day somewhere in Chiang Mai.

If people are interested we can decide on a day and place, there are a lot of motocross tracks around Chiang Mai.

As we would go to a track, everyone is welcome including beginners. Riding one day on a track will highly improve your skills on the trails, it is the best technical training and conditioning for trail riding.

So who is interested? I remember some younger riders wanted to go as well.

Great idea Max. I'll be up for it, I'm sure Adrian will be if he's around, Jean Marc and his son too.
Adrian is gone until the end of the month, so begin March sounds good. Mae Jo or Tha Rua seems to be the best options (close from town).
If Tha Rua is the one near the outer ring road a few k's south of the 118 it might be worth checking if it's still there.

Some earth works may be happening right on top of it but definitely next to it ATM.
^ had a look today and that track is still there.
Yes, thanks Lew. I actually go there almost every weekend. The track is just next to some I don't know what quarry thing. This is actually where they get the dirt and machines to build the track from.
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