LiFePo Batterie


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Oct 15, 2014
Just happen while charging .
No idea why but seams the Technik has still some Problems.

Hope no other damage other than the battery? Do you think it was the charger or the battery that caused this?
As I have 2 similar chargers I would like to know if they are safe......
Thermal Runaway - lithium batteries are temperamental to temperature changes. Also if left in storage or whatever for extended periods and the voltage drops below a certain level the electrode can deteriorate. Then when you charge it excessive heat builds up creating a short and leading to thermal runaway, your photo shows the end result.
The CTEK's I have say for all lead-acid type batteries only...
The fact that I know little about lithium batteries I guess.
The Batterie was out of my CRF .
Depend the Dash and some other stuff i install on the CRF draw a small current when the ignition is off, the Batterie was to weak for the starter (9,1 V on the Dash) after the CRF stand for 2 Weeks .

Changing the Batterie is still faster then charging i change the batterie (have 3 of that Lithium Batteries) and connect the Batterie to the CTEK.
Crf runs left the Workshop and as i came back the Batterie look like in the Foto .

Looks like the Lithium Batteries are not so good for bikes that draw small current out of the Batterie over a longer time
without recharging. Same Batterie in my XL (draws no current wenn ign. is off ) and the Voltage don't drop even if the Bike
is not running for 5 month , and the Engine start without a Problem .
I've noticed with some other equipment lithiums i have if I leave them sitting somewhere for storage that's not cool and dry the cells swell and become useless. Quite recently a drone battery. I haven't had any rupture but I suppose if an attempt to charge it, it may be possible. You might not notice the cells swelling inside those hard plastic batteries. I've got some photos of the degregation I'll see if I can dig out.

Just out of interest, can these Lithium batteries be purchased in Thailand?

I use lithium batteries for my drones and if going to be left for a period of time you are meant to put them on a storage charge, this basically puts them at about 50% of charge, if left fully charged or fully discharged for a period of time it will damage the cells, each cell should never be discharged below 3.5 volts, i have had one incidence where I left a battery full charged and it just burst into flames, luckily I was there at the time or it could have set my whole workshop on fire, I now store all my Lipo batteries in an ammo box,

one way of killing them completely if like in Jonny's picture above is to put them in heavily salted water, not sure of the chemical process but the salt basically cancels out the lithium or something along that lines, just be careful with lipo batteries guys, never charge unattended and store somewhere safe i.e. not in your house as in the drone world I have heard plenty of stories and seen plenty of pictures of peoples houses/workshops burnt to the ground because of lipo batteries spontaneously com busting and have seen it first hand with one of my own batteries.
If you mean the W Standart Batterie , yes .
I Buy my one here on Phuket in a local Bike shop and have seen them on shelf in Bike Shops in Bangkok .Made in Malaysia if i'm correct .
They have 9,12,and 18 AH the 9AH goes for about 4000 THB the 12 AH for 4800 THB

And depend on curiosity i cut the damage one open today to see whats inside .

9 Lithium Packs (9AH) and a small Elektronik Bord with some SMD parts .
No Power Parts that would be able to regulate the Voltage of the Bikes Generator or shut the Charging of if some thing goes Wrong during charching.

The CTEK Thai Shop in Bangkok sell another Brand of Lithium Batteries , maybe try one of those next Time .

As i look for a shop to buy the Lithium Charger i found a Website from a shop in Bangkok that sell Lithium packs and Build custom Batteries if you
looking for Batteries for your Drone , just Google it .
Made in Malaysia if i'm correct....
They got a factory in South China (Guangdong) and be warned, quite a few substandard and "fake" batteries coming out of PRC.... as got a mate involved in the business and they do a lot of actual serious product testing (batteries).

Imported a few special batteries for powersports vehicles (Shorai, Antigravity, Ballistic Performance, Odyssey) from the USA to PRC before and had no problems via airfreight but haven't done any battery shipments during the last approximately 18 month and not updated on current rules and regulations.
OK, so I replace the original lead acid type battery in a motorcycle with a new LiFePo. Everyone says you need a special charger for it. So how does the motorcycle know it is not charging a "original lead acid " type battery when it is installed in the bike ??? I mean you are not changing anything in the motorcycle original charging circuit (that was built for lead acid batteries). Welcome any comment to improve my knowledge.
Not sure how the motorcycle used to balance the batteries cells during charge but the newer batteries have inbuilt microprocessors to manage balance charging of the cells hence probably why a specific charger was required prior to the microprocessor being built in. Good point though how would a motorcycle cope with charging a battery without cell balancing. It probably just did but with reduced life and more failures.
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