Latest information on Long Tieng?


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Nov 8, 2016
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Hi folks!
Has anybody had any luck getting access to Long Tieng coming in from Phonsavan recently? I'm planning a Laos trip this month, and would like to take a ride to Long Tieng.
I tried once before two years ago, and was turned back at a small village around 30 mins out of Phonsavan. The guys there were saying there's been some violence in the hills and therefore unsafe.
Is this still the case?
Latest reports as of last week are coming from Phonsavan is a no go, access from the South passing Phu Bia mine is still not a problem.
Just to add Pounce a forum member is in LC now and entered from Phonsavan without issues when stopped (you will be) just don't mention LC just play dumb and say your heading to Vang Vieng and was told this is the way, fingers crossed they will let you by, when entering Sam Thong (Few km from LC) don't stop keep going till you reach skyline ridge.
Hi folks, we have been in Long Cheng 2 weeks ago coming from the south and went back south as we wanted to do a special loop, but we know from other travellers that is no problem at present to cross north to south or the other way round ( Phonsavan direction Anouvong or the other way).
By the way you can take a ferry which can take small bikes up to 250 cc at Ang Nam Ngum, but the ferry man wanted 600.000 LAK for the 2 of us, which we surely did not pay. The normal fare is 40.000 per Person and 40.000 for the bike
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