Last ride for 23 year old, at 264kph in Petchabun


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Apr 2, 2012
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Mar 7, 2014
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Absolutely crazy to drive so fast on Thailand's roads.

On any road in the world, I'd say. 264km/h is insanely fast, at least 100km/h faster than what would already have been a potential fatally high speed. There are no public roads in the world where such speeds can be done without endangering your life or that of others around you - not to mention most roads usually have way too much traffic, to safely travel anywhere near such a speed. And no, Germany's autobahns don't count - the max. speed one could hope to reach there, if you find a section without too much traffic would be about 200km/h and then probably only for a few seconds. Most of the fast traffic there moves at between 140-180km/h when there's no traffic and no speed restrictions, but otherwise 100-130km/h or less.
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