Kota Bharu To Ipoh 11-2-2011


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
11 Feb 2011

The route 8, D 30, A 181, 1

Total distance 354 km

After a couple of pleasant nights in Kota Bharu it was time to move back to Ipoh now that the weather has hopefully improved as I want to explore more in the mountains.
A quick 7am phone call to my hotel in Ipoh confirmed that they had a room for me so I packed and was on the road for 8.15 (7.15) Thai time, its a nice time to leave with virtually no traffic in town and a nice pleasant riding temperature

After seeing a conscientious father making his son wear a crash helmet yesterday morning I meet his opposite numbers today

Quite a few km out from Kota Bharu and the 8 turns into a good road

I cant grumble about this

Looking back the other way

As I ride along the scenery just improves

Time for breakfast at N05.05.828 E102.13.439

A chicken curry from the pot today, lovely and only 40 Baht

This car looks a little smashed up

I wonder if its written off or whether it gets welded back together again

Now I am between Gua Musang and Ipoh and how much nicer the ride and scenery are today in the sunshine

Theres still more water in the rivers than I expected, but then just because its been fine where I was doesnt mean that it wasnt raining here

Suddenly I see a large lizard swimming up river

I must have watched him for about 10 minutes but no sign of him coming ashore

Two weeks ago it was wet and none too warm up here, today its baking hot

I visit a hot spring at N04.42.592 E101.34.090

The water flowing down was rather hot

I get the odd spot of rain at the top but it wasnt until I was well down towards Ipoh before I got the contents of this cloud, I took shelter for about 20 minutes until it had virtually stopped and after a few km the roads were bone dry and it got baking hot again

Chicken and beansprouts with rice at the Onn Kee restaurant tonight, a Chinese delicacy for 73 Baht, delicious and very filling.

Get the gdb file here http://www.captainslash.com/kota-bharu-to-ipoh/
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