Is a 1972 K2 considered ancient?


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Aug 13, 2013
Lombok Indonesia, Bendigo Australia
Kawasaki KLX150, Honda Vario
Since leaving Indonesia for Australia in August 2019, (pre-Corona) and being marooned since, I've reied to keep busy to assuage my longing for the highways and byways of eastern Indonesia.

I know I'm talking selfishly here, bearing in mind the huge loss of life and the devastation that has been wrought on so many in SEA whose lives depend on tourism, but his enforced absence really put a spanner in a grand plan I had to, in 2020, recognise the 50th Anniversary of the first time I set foot on Indonesian soil, by completing a ride from Kuta, Lombok to the Timor Leste border and return. My plan was to rest up for a week, then head west to the northern tip of Sumatra (Pulau Weh) then return to Kuta.

I will make this trip at the earliest opportunity.In the meantime I got busy and restored my K2 750 which had lay abandoned in my shed for 31 yrs.

I spent 18 months doing an extensive re-build. It's now 836cc and I love it even more. It was always a cafè racer - but now it's a better looking cafè racer
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