Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar-Manong-Ipoh Loop 14-2-2011


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Jun 28, 2011
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14-Feb 2011

The route E1, A3, A154, 72, A18, Unknown, 5, A127, 71, 73, E19

Total distance 301 km

I took the E1 to Kuala Kangsar then headed south on the A3 to enjoy some more new pleasant roads, I dont see that many roaming dogs in Malaysia but theres quite a few gathered under this bridge

A meandering road with good scenery

Breakfast time, I stop in Manong at N04.35.423 E100.52.887

I ask for ayam masak merah but they dont have any, only the fish version of this meal, then with typical ingenuity the girl suggested taking a spoonful of the gravy from the fish pot and putting it on some chicken.
I had my reservations at first thinking it would have a fish taste but upon trying some there was no taste of fish

So I got my favourite meal after all, for only 30 Baht

In both Malaysia and Thailand I am often refused permission to photograph Muslims, here it was the opposite, the Mother asked me to pose with her then with her Daughter.
They both spoke English and the Daughter was only too happy to give me the recipe for the chilli paste to make this meal back home, as all the ingredients are readily available back home theres no need to take any ready made paste back with me.
Really lovely friendly people here and good food too

Riding along and I spot these in someones garden

Unfortunately the gate is locked as no one is in so no close up shots, only zoomed in ones from the gate

See how versatile bamboo is, you can even make airplane engines from it

I ride some good fun scenic roads today

Its certainly getting hot during the day now

I eat at the Sri Ananda Bahwan for the second time this trip, I have a portion of hot spicy chicken varuval and rice, it was delicious so I ordered another portion of chicken.
70 Baht for the lot and I was sweating from the spices after I had finished eating, this is Indian food at its best.

Get the gdb file here http://www.captainslash.com/ipoh-kuala- ... ipoh-loop/
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