How to clean your airfilter

Found these useful how to's regarding degreasers ... -degreaser

And here is another ... easer.html





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It is interesting how much effort and technicalities goes into something as simple as degreasing a part or cleaning an air filter.

Personally I clean air filters in petrol and let all the goo and grease pour onto the workshop floor (it is called seasoning I think and in Thailand it is against the law to properly contain oil spills..)

I have also found that diesel and a brush works well for degreasing parts, of course you follow the same rule as above and let all the goo land on the floor/patio/neighbours lawn.

Seriously though.. when my workshop is ready I will get a proper degreasing "sink" with a little pump and all that doo daa that makes it look all professional and such -when the degreaser (diesel in my case) gets too gooey it works well to lit up the barbie with.
petrol made my air filter fall apart,
I use washing powder now.
And motor oil instead of air filter oil.
I've always used Kerosene, then flush with water and dried. Petrol works fantastic but you've got to make sure you get it all out or the filters will disintegrate.
KTMphil said:
I've always used Kerosene, then flush with water and dried., too, but flush with soapy water, then rinse with clean water and air dry before oiling.
I use the marketed Air Filter Cleaner...and then spray with the air filter oil.....
Faz Harris said:
I use the marketed Air Filter Cleaner...and then spray with the air filter oil....

Mate, that is cheating, what is the point with that?? what you are meant to do is use something totally unsuitable and cancerogenic and make a total mess whilst doing it, if you get some of it in your eye so much the better!

Air filter cleaner... the silliest thing I have ever heard!
This is what Google Translate thinks it is:

??????????????: mineral turpentine

BWG950S said:
Uni-Filter recommends to use Mineral Turpentine to clean their filters.

Anyone know what Mineral Turpentine is called in Thai?
I thinks its from Motorex......I somehow find my air filter last longer than what I used in the past. In the past it has been petrol, kerosene and other stuffs like detergent and soda. With this cleaner, it somehow made my air filter last longer and cleaner. I use No Toil Racing air filter. Its quite expensive in Malayisa (750bahts) so the longer it last, the better it is for me. It helps me to remove the air filter oil and dust easily, and after cleaning, I just dry in under shade. It needs no wringing, no squeezing. Just mix the air filter cleaner with water, in a pail, then soak the filter. Leave it for about an hour, then rinse it. It removes all the oil and dust (do we call this grime?). Leaves the air cleaner clean like brand new. The no need to wring or squeeze could be pone reason that makes the air filter last lon ger. I have been using about 8 months to 1 year per each air filter. I ride every weekend for about 5 to 10 hours.
After it dries up, I simply spray the air filter with air filter oil.

Can't see where I am cheating, its just like using water based degreaser to clean your bike. Its a different material used, and the only thing good is , no scrubbing or brushing. If it makes my parts last longer, why shouldn't I use it?

Can I say people who use Scott Oiler cheating too? I do use them for road riding on my Versys.

By the way, I am not afraid of the material as I do wear protective PPE such as safety glasses /goggles and rubber gloves. I am used to handling hanzardous materials such hydrochloric and sulphuric acid.....and where I work, safety practices is a norm...a way of life.
I use the Rock Oil SWWAFF water soluble filter oil. ... f_road.pdf

Only drawback I can think of with it is if you drown your bike (Phil!) you'ld wash the oil out of it.
Apart from that, it's sticky enough to not drip from the filter & washes out with the hose.
I use the twin filter & the inner one is always really clean while the outer can get absolutely chockers with dust.
I clean mine by laying it in a bowl of water and regular laundry detergent over night. Next morning I rinse it out and let it dry in the sun. When it is dry I put it in a plastic bag together with filter oil and work it in.

Requires very little work, don't get very messy and no need to use smelly solvents which is good for me as I have to do it in my rented room. Kind of slow tho.
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