Houey Xai to Pakbeng Off-Road & more


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Feb 8, 2011
Singapore/ Chiang Mai
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Here are some pictures from the last trip to Laos via Chiang Khong. It seems that the people operating the barges across to Houey Xai have increased their fees to 500b per bike. It took us approximately 3hrs from reaching the customs house in Chiang Khong to finally clear immigration in Laos. Paperwork had to be completed on both ends for the bikes and the customs officers have taken the initiative to 'help' us out in filling up all the required forms with each costing 100-200b.

The off road section was about 150km, thanks to Phil and Auke's maps we made it through pretty easily barring a flat I got about 40km into the off road. As you can see in the picture, we provided a good show for the kids of Rdma. The delay led us to complete most part of the remaining 100km in pitch black. The local villagers could hear the bikes coming from afar and were all lined up long the roadside waving torch lights as we passed.

We got into Pak Beng at almost 7pm and there were no more rooms available at the posher places but we finally found one stuck in the corner on top the hill. It had a nice patio facing the river where we decided to have beers and good meal before crossing the river again the next morning.

I'll come back with more pics with Phayao and the 1148.







I presume this is the route you took from Houay Xai to Pakbeng?

houay xai to pakbeng.jpg
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Great report Glen, we'll have to get the Singapore Airlines pilot posting as well too. If he doesn't no more route ideas for him.

Thanks for taking the time a great read.
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