Honda CB1100, briiliant aircooled retro


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Jan 13, 2011
Rode one today in Thailand its is excellent in the flesh compact ,low c of g strong torque nicely finished in usual honda fashion paint is superb and pleasant to ride ,HANDLING IS FINE , ITS NOT A SPORTS BIKE BUT IT HAS A COMFY RIDE AND ACCURATE HANDLING AT SENSIBLE SPEEDS AROUND MY USUAL BACKROADS IT WAS HAPPY CRUISING AND BEND SWINGING ON SANDY ASHPHALT AT 60-70MPH. top speed was about 125 mph but thats not what this bike is about its actually very nice I liked it a lot better than my old Cb500 or Norton Commando back in 1974 my normal bike these days is an S4 monster , but the Cb1100 is a really decent modern retro bags more fun than a bonny 900 just needs a reverse cone mega to release a rorty sound , only problem in Thailand is the 800k baht £16,000 price tag due to import duties

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