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Feb 23, 2011
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On 4 June 2018 RideAsia Motorcycle Forums migrated from vBulletin to Xenforo software.

A number of migration issues occurred that have been resolved but there are some outstanding issues being investigated with a view to being resolved.

The current known issues are :

1 - Old posts including 'single' or "double" speech marks are still showing code

This will be rectified shortly.


2 - vBulletin software allowed for post order to be stored as a preference, so that people checking recent replies to threads they follow were able to see the most recent at the top of the list (page1) and not at the bottom (page48)

Xenforo does not allow the preference to be stored but each forum (thread parent) can be set to show post order one way OR the other.

There is a poll on this thread -> Xenforo Ride Asia Forums - How 2 Post Guide awaiting member opinions on which order they prefer.

Please discuss in that thread

5 June 2018______________________________

3 - FACEBOOK video insert fails. It worked during testing, it does not now!


Done - Please note, there is not a preview option. Embedded Video is visible in the post when it is published.
6 June__________________________________
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