FIM Asia Supermoto opens in Thailand


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Jul 18, 2011
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The third season of the FIM Asia Supermoto Championship was launched officially yesterday, with six rounds scheduled between September and the end of the year.

The series is growing quickly. Following a successful inaugural season, numbers of entries, spectators and TV viewers shot up in 2016 and are expected to show a big increase this year, as riders from 14 countries prepare for Round 1, which will be held at Thailand Circuit, Nakhonchaisri on 2nd and 3rd September.

Supermoto owes its burgeoning popularity to its hybrid road and dirt circuits, which attract riders and fans from all branches of motorcycle racing, and to its broader appeal as an extreme street sport. As safety concerns arising from the absolute speed of superbikes and Grand Prix machines literally push fans further away from the action, crowds attending supermoto races are able to get close enough to smell tortured tyres and brake pads without putting themselves in danger. The spectacle of motorcycles drifting, jumping and changing surfaces also means that people who know nothing about the sport can enjoy it, which opens it up as an exciting day out for families and groups, which may otherwise have never considered watching motorsport.

In essence Supermoto turns the traditional idea of circuit racing on its head. With some fencing, used tyres and a few truck loads of dirt, a supermoto track can quickly be set up in a city centre car park, thereby bringing the sport to the fans rather than requiring them to travel on clogged up roads to and from out-of-town, purpose built circuits.

Coverage for the new season is also taking big step forward, as promoter, Asia Supersports Group (ASG) partners with OTT* channel provider,, to provide HD live streaming and Video on Demand for every round. In addition, a 30 minute highlights program will also be broadcast on Fox Sports. To cover all bases, a mobile app is also being developed by the Bangkok office of E-Plus Entertainment Productions.

The opening round of the FIM Asia Supermoto Championship will run together with R2M Unleash the Beast, an innovative series for naked bikes, comprising many classes of on and off-road competition, from Gufba Kids mini bikes to the heavyweight R2M Nuke Super Adventure category. Entitled 'R2M Unleash the Beast, Episode 2: Rock-a-Willy' the host event will provide its characteristic carnival atmosphere, together with live entertainment, including a rock band, parts and merchandise shopping as well as a wide choice of food and drink throughout the weekend.

*OTT stands for 'over the top', which means that the event is broadcast directly over the internet rather than through cable or satellite television systems that control and distribute content.
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Any infos about the track opening times on 3rd, when the races start ?

Sitting in boring Ayuttaya every Sunday for the last 6 weeks .
need to know , when to leave Ayuttaya to make it comfortably to the first Race .
Had a nice day at Thailand Circuit even with no detailed Infos or race schedule.

Plenty of activity all day long

Kid's section for the jungsters
and the not so young kids

Differend unnamed Classes
The modified Thaibikes
The modern middle weights
and the so called Super Adventure Class
250 cc supermoto with local bikes

And the main event
breaking for the first of two dirt sections
overtaking by the true meaning of the word
corner technics
hard accelleration
and the show off after the race

This Guy is a little short for his Bike and maybe he don't like the Dirt Sections
So he start in the what i call open Class from the last row
But all that don't stop him from overtaking all but the two suzukis befor the first corner , the suzukis in the corner and to come back
to the start line after one Lap way ahead of the bigger bikes .

some nice old bikes in the pits
and that must be hondas new adventure scooter
Perfect Day
For the 100 THB entrance at the Main Gate its realy a lot they offer .
Like the open style , no fence around the pits , could even pass over the Track between the races to get a better spot .
Some Food mobile kitchen and coffee shops and some vendors like Dirt bike too .

Minus that old style mean the installations are also very old and the mobile Toilet Bus leave at 12 o'clock depend he was out of water .
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