Dirty Air Filter


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Jun 28, 2011
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Is this about right for 6000 km of half road half dirt riding?
Lots of crap got in there
6k already on the 150 - impressed. But yes, pays to check regularly in dirt conditions. A 'service' only seems to be changing the oil and filter regardless of Km's, need to keep a record and check specific items when due yourself.
This was at the 6000 km service yesterday Tim, I watched them change the oil and filter and made sure the air filter was washed and re oiled as well
If you're riding behind other vehicles in dusty areas, you really should check it every day.
Better still, check it & re oil it on at least a fortnightly basis regardless.
It doesn't take much dirt to "dust" an engine, then you're up for a new top end.
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