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May 6, 2013
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some info from Elisabetta Caracciolo website.... WorldRallyRaid

In Paris, on the rue Cimarosa, just in front of the Argentinian embassy in the city, was held the first press conference today in 2014 in relation to the Dakar 2015. Finally revealed that the three countries will cross the race this year , with start and finish in Buenos Aires , just like the first editions from the race of races in South America. Rest stop in Iquique in Chile

The Dakar returned to Buenos Aires and this is the first good news . The second is that you return to the ring route , starting and finishing from the same place , which greatly simplifies the logistics of a race which in itself is not easy to organize. Three countries involved, precisely Argentina , Chile and Bolivia with the rest stop in Iquique , a few steps from the sea then. The other novelty , absolute , relates to the rest stop that this year will be different for bikes and quads and cars and trucks. Yes, cars and trucks will have their rest stop on 11 January, while motorbikes and quads we will have it the next day and this , in effect, for logistics, will not be so easy to manage.

But the difficulties will be announced as more than a sporting director David Castera reconnaissance team that will start next week in Argentina. There will be two stages for the marathon bike , one for cars and one for trucks. And then at some stage there will be more different routes to the two wheels and even the departure to Argentina to spend immediately in Chile, go back across the coast and then on to Bolivia, after the rest day .

The route with the stages will be unveiled next week in Argentina, April 1 . At present, the state representatives present at the conference discussing 3 nights and 4 stages in Bolivia , Chile and 7 nights in 6 stages and the rest in Argentina , but it is still too early to have certainty because many things are yet to be decided . At the moment this is a preview .

At 13.30 on the Champs Elysée Peugeot will unveil its team and its half for the Dakar 2015 and now the whole caravan of journalists and official representatives is moving on foot to the Champs.....


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DAKAR RALLY 4 – 17 January 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina

For 2015, the Dakar organisers ASO want to take the world’s toughest race back to its origins by opening up the exhausting marathon stages to all classes. The start and finish line will be back in Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital city, which first hosted the rally in 2009. But not everything will be a nod to the past. Rest day will be in Iquique but on different days for different classes: cars and trucks will rest on January 10th, while bikes and quads on the 12th - that means more Dakar action. The Dakar 2015 makes excursions into Bolivia and Chile on a looping 9000 km route to Termas de Río Hondo and back to Buenos Aires.....

This paragraph caught my eye. It looks like it is never too late.

However for Japanese veteran Sugawara Yoshimasa, 73, the race continues as he looks to continue his 33rd Dakar adventure in Wednesday's fourth stage from Chilecito in Argentina to Copiapo in Chile.

Hino have a lot of info on the truck he drives on their website, HINO Team SUGAWARA | Dakar | HINO GLOBAL
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