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Road Reports

The following road reports have been submitted by riders on or around the date noted.

Conditions can change rapidly, so please provide any more up to date content you may have to assist your fellow riders. We are working on an improved interface for this information. Watch this space.

11 Chiang Mai - Lampang – Uttaradit – boring and a lot of traffic

101 - is perfect. (Eddie – 26-6-2020)

105 – Mae Sariang to Mae Sot – enjoyable *** – new report coming

106 Thoen to Li –

106 – Li to Chiang Mai – I do not do it; it is far too open. I get onto the 1274 at Li and then turn onto the delightful 1184 at Don Mun (Ian – multiple trips 2019 / 20)

107 – the corners about 55km north of Chiang Mai (just before the Ban Kaeng Panta Police checkpoint) are worth treating with caution. They can be quite slippery, particularly in the wet. (Ian 2020 & Josh 23-6-2020) **

108 – Mae Hong Son – Chiang Mai via Mae Sariang - from MHS south to Mae Sariang and across to Hot is delightful – with some recent resurfacing (Feb 2020) north of Mae Sariang. From Hot to Chiang Mai is shitful and we normally get off it and follow the Ping River on back roads. (Ian 14 Feb 2020) ***

109 - Fang - Mae Suai – delightful scenery and plenty of curves. (Ian June 2020) ****

118 – roadworks in the final stages - all sealed now and most enjoyable. Still some sections of shared use of one side of the road as the finishing touches are applied (Ian August 2021) ****

120 - Mae Khachan - Wang Nuea - R1 near Phayao – the Phayao end is best, with the section through the hills always providing enjoyment. (Ian June 2020)

1001 Chiang Mai to Phrao – nice open road – a good alternative to the 107 when heading north - use 1001 – 1150 – 1346 to come out just south of Fang. 1346 has some narrow and tight sections but is a sweet ride. (Ian June 2020)

1009 -the Doi Inthanon Road – a fair few tourists and songthaews on the road but an enjoyable climb with an interesting rainforest walk at the top. Temperatures can be significantly lower at the top. (Ian May 2020) ***

1026 from Na Muen to Ban Pak Nai.

1169 – Nan to Don Chai – simply the access road from Nan to the start of the fun on the 1081 (Ian April 2020) **

1081 – Don Chai – Bo Kluea - from the temporary bridge on toward Bo Kluea has not been finished. It is hard-packed stone. South of the temporary bridge is delightful. The 1081 north of Bo Kluea sucks for 55km. Even on the CB500X - then it got real good. Racetrack good. Then it got to be gravel, and lastly turned into “death red mud” (Ian 2020 & Eddie – 26-6-2020) *****

1089 – Tha Ton to Mae Chan - with a divert to Doi Mae Salong via the 1130 – good condition – beautiful area, but not an exciting road. More suited to a romantic weekend than spirited riding. (Ian 2020 & Josh 23-6-2020) ** / *** for the 1130

1090 – nicknamed the KY Highway back in 2012. Haven’t ridden it since Christmas 2013.

1091 Chiang Muan – Nan – lovely road that some describe as “best” (but not me). Good surface. (Ian Feb 2020)

1093 Chiang Kham - Chiang Khong - currently being resurfaced. Hard-packed dirt. If you are riding a sport bike you will hate the section north of Pu Chi Fa. The lower section (Chiang Kham side) is total shit just as it has been for the last year. There are a few good sections, but 75% is either rough as guts or being resurfaced. (Eddie – 26-6-2020)

1095 Mae Rim (Ki Lek) - Pai - Mae Hong Son – note, many people use the more rural but narrower 3009 to take the corner off

1096 Mae Rim & 1269 near Samoeng – add in the 107 and Canal Rd (121) and you’ve got the Samoeng Loop. One of the most popular tourist loops, easily done in half a day, with lots of stuff to see. (Ian, every month) ***

1099 Om Koi road – nice open road, good enough to stop and fly the drone. Lovely pine forests. (Ian Nov 2019) ***

1130 – Doi Mae Salong – a lovely road but with some big unprotected drops. Don’t over-cook the corners. Pretty much a hilly alternative that runs parallel to the 1089 (Ian Dec 2019 & Josh 23-6-2020) ***

1148 - Chiang Kham - Tha Wang Pha - between Chiang Kham and the 1148 cafe has been resurfaced and is 90% perfect. I do not know why they did not do the last 10% while they were there (Eddie – 26-6-2020) ****

1149 - Mae Sai to Huai Khrai at Hwy 1 via Doi Tung - currently being resurfaced between the military outpost to just past the police check point. Most of the road is good but very steep in sections – not suitable for scooters. (Ian 2019 & Eddie – 26-6-2020) ***

1150 Ping Khong 107 end – Phrao 1001 junction - Wiang Pa Pao 118 end – some bumpy bits at present with some broken areas at the eastern end. Steep in parts. Lovely road. (Ian June 2020) ***

1155 - Chiang Khong – Thoeng / Chiang Kham – open transit road in many areas with little of interest, but then it’s beautiful along the Mekong River (Ian June 2020) ***

1162 -

1175 - Ban Tak to the 105 -

1184 – the occasional bump in the hills, but a delightful ride on anything 250 and above. The southern part is the best. (Ian 2020) ****

1192 Doi Inthanon - Mae Chaem – shitful inplaces – bumps big enough to derail cruiser style bikes. Nice scenery. (Ian May 2020) **

1216 -

1229 - delightful link over the hills from Mae On to the 1230 / 2031 junction - medium traffic levels, but a very enjoyable tight section (Ian Aug 2021) ***

1230 - Cowshit Road - delightful road with very low traffic, but covered with cowshit and leaf litter. Some potholes at the northern end, but not too bad. Watch out for cows on the road... and knock a tenth or two off your efforts, because you will encounter significant lumps of cowshit on blind corners. (Ian Aug 2021) ***

1243 – hands down the most fun and challenging road ride I've done here yet. Awesome tarmac, gravel, potholes around blind corners, chickens, dogs, a cobra, and an awesome little mom and pop restaurant for lunch. (Ian 2015 & Josh 23-6-2020) *****

1249 – excellent condition since re-opening last year. Steep enough to slow a 2-up Forza to 25 kph (not advisable to take automatics on steep roads for any length due to lack of engine braking and the likelihood of boiling brake fluid) (Ian 2020 & Josh 23-6-2020) On to a super cool village near a Thai Army base in Doi Ang Khan Burma /Thai border. Back down a very steep curvy road with some of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen. (Ian 2020 & Josh 23-6-2020) ***

1252 – Chae Son to the 118 - tight but scenic road that connects to several other interesting areas. Good road to take to do the delightful 1335. Can be slippery due to leaves on the road in wet season. (Ian August 2021)

1256 - Pua - Bo Kluea - total shit for most of the road. There is a small section that is good, but over 50% is hard packed dirt and just shit, getting worse than it was 6 months ago when last ridden. I hoped it was going to be finished. (Eddie – 26-6-2020) First 10km out of Bo Kluea was good (Ian 2020)

1259 -

1263 / 1088 – Khun Yuam to Mae Chaem – nice, but has a fair bit of broken surface at present (Ian 13-02-2020) ***

1268 - Na Heao through Ban Khok - more twists and turns than even the MHS loop. I'm not sure I kept the bike straight up for more than a km at any given point of the 7.5 hours we spent in the saddle. (Josh 23-6-2020) ****

1269 Sanpasak – Samoeng – delightful road once past the urban spread with a few steep spots that can have rough and bumpy corners to catch out the novice riders (Ian June 2020) ***

1290 - Chiang Saen to Chiang Khong – superb condition and fun road. (Josh 23-6-2020) ***

1322 - Wiang Haeng – Mae Cha -

1328 Loop through the Phu Suan Sai NP -

1333 - a great road but in some sections, it is barely better than a full-on dirt road. If they ever resurface it, it will be one of the best roads. (Eddie – 26-6-2020)

1335 – one of Northern Thailands most fun roads. Open sweepers, lots of mixed stuff, low traffic and good surface (Ian Dec 2019) *****

1340 Arunothai - Doi Ang Khang – lovely scenery but atrocious surface conditions at present, badly broken and potholed (Ian April 2020)

1346 Chai Prakarn to Phrao

1349 Samoeng to Wat Chan – good condition, much safer route used to get to Pai - with 1269 from Chiang Mai to Samoeng and 1265 from Wat Chan to the main Pai road at the 1095 junction 12km from Pai (Ian June 2020) ***

2263 – boring – straight and lots of traffic – get off it onto the 4048 which is fun and no traffic (Josh 2020)

4018 - Phaya Phipak lookout road aka "The Big Dipper"

5028 – “hand in your licence if you don’t love this road” (Captain Slash 2019 & Ian 2020) *****

5032 / 5035 – the Elephant Trail - Currently wet season and the 70% or so of the 85km trail from Wat Chan to Mae Hong Son that is dirt/red clay is as slippery as hell, but beautiful and fun on the right bike. Several sections of the concrete road in the steepest areas are badly broken. (Ian 18-06-2020) *****D

Singapore Road – steep but fantastic views if not smoky (Ian March 2020) ***
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It is now possible to ride along #118 and over the new bridge crossing #121, eliminating the detours and bottle-necks that have been in place for a long time. The works are not yet completed but now the ride is much more pleasant.

(Google pic from May 2020, #118 bottom left to top right)

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 1.43.17 PM.jpg
Looks like the #121 and #118 overpass will be officially opened any day now. Just need to tidy up, add some road markings and many minutes will be saved at this once terrible crossroads. The workers have done a tremendous job getting this completed. Now, move on up along the #118 about 40kms guys!!

#120 and Highway 1 junction (and to #1021)

On our recent ride to Phayao we noticed, but didn't stop to photograph, major work at the junction of #120 and Highway 1.
I believe this will, however, have been captured on my helmet camera and will hopefully appear here one day!

The bridge now spans Highway 1 and a graded track continues through farmland to join #1021 near the wonderful Maithong Hotel/Resort.
This will eventually eliminate the need for through traffic to go in towards Phayao and be held up at the busy #1021 and Highway 1 intersection.

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 7.54.35 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 7.54.50 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 7.54.21 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 8.01.26 PM.jpg

(photo by Goson Boonyuang)
The saga of the 118 continues.
(inc. video)

(Chiang Mai News)
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It seems that many drivers/riders are stranded between severed road sections and are in need of supplies.

Rough translation

"Resulting in the road to the Mae Tho checkpoint Mae Jae Mai Sub-district, Wiang Pa Nam Pa District, washed the traffic surface that is currently undergoing a bridge and traffic surface construction. So that both the road surface and the bypass are blown to the point that all kinds of cars cannot pass by Causing the police duty at Mae Chedi Police Station, Wiang Pa Pao District Temporarily closed the said path And recommends that commuters between the two provinces have resorted to the use of bypass routes between Wiang Pa Pao District, to Phrao District, Chiang Mai Province"

"Until about 14.30 hrs. Causing the road to be broken at that time All cars can not travel through the police. Box guard Huai Mo Together with the Disaster Volunteer Mind Set, the Volunteer Workers set up a checkpoint to help report the situation and help the people. And bypass road in Ban Pang Fan (Behind the old highway guard box) Shortcut to Thep Sadet Subdistrict, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai Province, Ban Pang Pong area With slides and trees falling across the road Cannot work"
" There are about 50-60 cars left behind, about 200-300 UDD cars stuck. On the road Cannot travel anywhere The story from the road cut during this period. Have requested supper and drinking water. "

(Chiang Mai News translation)
Amazing video of 118 road damage and the supply of food and water to stranded motorists.

(Chiang Mai News)
From Citylife today.

" 120 vehicles and 300 people were stranded along the Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai road from the night of the 2nd August following severe floods which destroyed six sections of the road.

The damage was done along the kilometre 32-40th kilometre stretch of the road. It has been very hard to get food and supplies to the stranded people. But the governor has found accommodation for them at local schools and parks and all are currently well and safe. "
#118 repaired (sort of) and open to traffic.

Rode the 118 again on Friday - great now, all sealed as far as the 1252 turnoff at least (and as I recall it, all the way beyond now too). 1252 to the 4063 was good, but with some leaf litter. 3005 good. 1230, lots of cowshit and leaf litter. 1229 good.

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