CNX-1150-118-CNX 11-11-2010


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Jun 28, 2011
BMW 310GS Honda Wave 125 Honda MSX 125
The route 1001, 1323/4046, 4031, 1150, 118

Total distance 308 km

I headed out along the 1001 enjoying a gentle ride

At the turn for the Mae Ngat dam I noticed that this road which has always been the 1323 has been renumbered the 4046 although it still shows as the 1323 on my gps map

A temple heading towards the dam

The water level is higher than I can remember for a few years

Its back to the 1001 for a few km then a right onto the 4031 to view the other side of the Mae Kuang reservoir

Another one thats at its highest for a few years, was there exceptionally heavy rainfall in the area this year?

Time to head back to the 1001

Halfway to Phrao and I notice the water is higher by the road, my gps tells me that this is part of the Mae Ngat reservoir, if it was at full capacity I think the water level wouldnt be far below the road along here

I ride to Phrao then take a right onto the brilliant 1150 and its only a couple of km before its up in the scenic hills

The bends start straight away

Bends like this along the way make it a real pleasure to ride along here

Shame about the haze thats already here

This is a great bendy bit

On zoom, a very pleasant ride along here as usual, no bad bits and not really any road debris to speak of either. I ride to the end of the 1150 turn right and ride back to CNX along the 118

I try the big breakfast grill at the Euro Diner tonight, tasty, filling and great value at 165 Baht

Get the gdb file here
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