CFmoto / KTM new bikes made in CHINA


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Jul 3, 2013
Shandong (China)
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I never buy I Chinese bike I hear many times?
But how many of you Realy know about CFmoto made in China bikes?
For the last 10 years I have owned and riden 5 model of the CF brand.
The early models was problematic to say the least.
But over the last few years CFmoto have made great headways with there build quantity.
To the point IMO there are very close to being as good as any of the main 4 Japanese bikes.

KTM will never make bikes in China I hear so many times in the pass .

Well read the latest news about CF/KTM



Jun 8, 2012
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The CF moto / KTM relationship has been ongoing for a long time now with them building a new factory together in China a few years ago now i think,

I currently own 3 CF Motos - 1 Cforce 500 ATV, 1 Zforce 500 SxS buggy and 1 Z force 1000 SxS buggy, Have had the ATV for 5 years, the 500 buggy for 3 years and the 1000 buggy a few months and so far I've had no issues with any of them and they dont have an easy life, I do all the servicing myself and build quality is as good as any other ATV I've owned in the past.

I'm also the admin of the CF Moto Owners Group on facebook and whilst they have there issues like all other ATV and SxS's due to the general nature of there use on a whole most users rate them very highly for the price point compared to say Polaris or Can Am.

There are a few shops in BKK area selling the ATV's and SxS's and I know of a shop in Udon selling the motorcycles but haven't seen these first hand, so spare parts are available

The 500cc ATV and SxS
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