Cave lodge to Pai off road


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Jan 19, 2017
Yamaha TTR600re
The most amazing day on the rally going proper off road hard enduro for 20km and washed out jeeps track for 80km in the mountains of Pai. Got lost and ended up on a knarley footpaths until a hunter with a long rifle turned us back, thank god. Nearly ran out of water and fuel on the crf basic. Girl friend bashed up the crf 250L and came off several times getting trapped under the bike and even falling through a foot bridge. She did amazing well and I somehow stayed calm, even tho I thought we were 'done for' at points in the ride. This is the steepest terrain I have ever ridden. The rally coped very well and has an amazing 1st gear. I had it over heat on me twice and it would not start til it cooled down, when I used kill switch the fan remained running with ignition on. The fan was on 70% of the time anyway but when you turn off at kill switch it stopped except when it's mega cooked then it just won't start. The power was OK I feel, for a little bike and it managed far more than my mates would dare ride, but that was probably down to my determination..... And skill. However, at times climbing it sounded like piston slap and I was worried I had damaged the engine and would frantic change down to 1st to continue the climb. Later I realised its the rear shock absorber, it's shocking over corrugations and multiple trees roots together. It appeared to cause a lot of chatter at the rear wheel on both bikes in the rough stuff when it went up and down quick losing traction. The big woops were not to bad if you stood up. I was amazed I didn't drop the rally though I have slightly scratched one of the hand guards. Thats it for today folks..... Bit more road riding again tomorrow.

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