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Apr 2, 2012
Chiang Mai
Derek brought Colin out to the Doi Saket Temple Coffee Shop today.
Colin was able to walk, with his stick, from the car to his seat.
He had a coffee and a meal and a long chat, during which he was talking about riding, a possible future bike purchase
and long term plans.
He is making steady progress since his unfortunate 'stroke' some 15 months ago.
He even got to sit on his beloved Honda Wave!! (y)





Well done Colin; may the force be with you.
Thanks Peter, I am happy with the weight loss and dont plan on regaining it
Derek and I visited Colin at McKean yesterday and shared a long chat.
Colin is speaking well now. He is also talking about his future riding plans!!

His right arm and hand are slowly becoming more mobile and gaining strength.
His Rehab nurse has told him that she can also see improvement there.

Attached pics show the improved flexibility.

Deep in conversation




Best wishes Colin.
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I visited Colin again today the 24th as I do every Thursday. The staff say they are all proud of Colin for sticking with the regime. I took Colin for a walk, probably just under 1km. I did rake a video but this site tells me mp4 files are not allowed.
Facebook videos can also be embedded - subject to the FB settings of the original poster. That's why it wouldn't embed.
Derek and I visited Colin today.
He is progressing well.
His speech is clear and lucid.
His memory is sharp (I tested him with some music trivia questions and he passed impressively!)
He needs continuing physical therapy, which he is doing.

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Last night was Krusty riders one year anniversary party to which I invited Colin as a reason to get him out of his room for a few minutes. It took some persuading but he agreed on the basis that I would return him even if it was just after a few minutes. He soon got to enjoy himself after meeting many more people that he knew than he expected. The very tasty and FREE buffet convinced him to stay a bit longer. 3 hours later I took him back. It was a good night for all but I suspect more so for Colin.

The photos were the right way up on my computer!



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Nice gesture Derek.
Glad Colin enjoyed the outing and seeing friends.
That deserved a beer or two.
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I wasnt trying to send it from FB. Direct from my hard drive.

Not a chance - having just paid yet another $750 storage bill, I understand why no forum administrator/owners I know allow direct storage of videos. Link to Youtube or Vimeo, as per the instructions in "Help". We're doing another forum software update at the moment and I'll spring for an additional add-in for those who have rotational issues.
Derek and I visited Colin at McKean today.
He is walking short distances unassisted and seems to be making gradual and noticeable progress.
His right hand now has some feeling and strength in it.
Hang in there Colin. (y)


Excellent. I haven't been in for quite some time due to the Covid paranoia - but will endeavour to see him soon. We're riding one of his routes tomorrow... should be fun
I can’t see dates on any of these posts so I don’t know how recent these are but get well soon Colin!
My most recent update was posted on Thursday last week (19th August).
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I went to visit Colin at McKean Tuesday.

He is making steady progress and Holly (senior staff) is especially pleased with Colin's commitment to his rehab regime.

Colin asked me to bring his riding boots and helmet, which I read as a positive sign.

He is talking of eventually buying a bike more suited to his needs, such as a Honda Click 160.

So all is quite positive.


Wednesday 25th January 2023, 8-20pm

I took Colin's Wave to him yesterday as he was keen to see if could climb on board.
We put the bike onto its centre stand and Colin did manage to clamber onto it.
He was able to get his problematical right arm into place and his hand onto the throttle.
That latter part is the greatest challenge.

Soon it will be three years since Colin suffered his 'stroke' and, considering his immediate post-stroke
condition, he has made remarkable progress. Still a bit more required though.

22nd January 2024

Derek and I visited Colin last week, mainly because he was keen to assess his ability to handle his Honda Wave.
He eventually managed, with support, to climb on board but we were all disappointed that Colin's right arm/hand
and right leg/foot still would not allow him to use the throttle or the foot brake.


After some discussion Colin made a couple of decisions. Amongst those decisions are;

1 he will sell his Wave and purchase a new bike specifically adapted to suit his needs.
2 his next bike of choice will be a Honda Click 160 (adapted).

So a nice Wave is for sale. (see 'Classifieds')
22nd May 2024

I visited Colin ant McKean Rehab Centre today and he is doing very well.
He still suffers from some residual post stroke damage but his mind and speech are just fine.
And he has this new bespoke Honda Click 160 three wheeler as a replacement to his Wave.

The pond near Colin's room. McKean has spacious and beautiful grounds.






Wishing you happy and safe riding Colin.
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