Camping trip to Phu Sang


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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
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Well today's trip didn't go exactly as planned due to a breakdown in translation with the wife, so i missed the scheduled meeting point with some of the local riders. So after a feeble attempt at trying to catch them i decided to do my own thing and beaver around and see what i could see on my way to Phu Sang, as you can see it was an interesting loop.

First stop was Phrathat Khiri Si Wiang Lo Stupa, one of many old Stupas in this region

From there to the wonderful village of Wiang Lo on the Mae Nam Ing river.

This old wat and stupa is well worth a look this is all that remains of an old town dating back some 600 or so years and the former Lanna kingdom, there is a small museum in the grounds which is also well worth spending some time. A link here to further information thanks to Auke for the link

More information on the other relics can be found in this post

Effigies of former king Rama 5 and 9

Not often seen effigy of the king's mother

Many old buddha statues i presume gathered from some of the older ruins in the area

The old Wat has had a face lift and is now adorned with sacred string (sai sin)

The string continues inside to the main buddha image

Pulley arrangement for anointing the head of the stupa with blessed water

Spent some time talking to the monk who had been topless until i asked for a picture and then made sure he was correctly dressed

Overall a very impressive site

Heading to the Mae Nam Ing river and the suspension bridge is still in very good repair but only suitable for motorcycles

Views from the bridge, the river is still pretty swollen after the rains

The trail on the other side continues on to Phrathat Khiri Si Wiang Lo Stupa i had visited earlier, also along here are several other sites

Footprint of the old Wat, the monks seating area to the left

The gravel trail to the other stup and ruins

As i mentioned earlier there are so many Wats and stupas in this area, this being Wat Si Ku Lang

Then onto the impressive Wat Som Phatthana and some beautiful murals

Spirit house a short distance away

Old village rice bank where people would go to borrow rice to be returned the following year with interest, notice the old scales outside

Chaopho Khong Dam Shrine tucked away by the roadside

Wat Mat Tam another beautiful place and fantastic artwork

Heading to Chiang Kham on the 1021 a bronze painted buddha i had not seen before

Quick stop at the sacrificial memorial which also has a museum behind

Next to the bus station the Mae lao river and steps for the Loi Krathong festival

Reached Phu Sang waterfall, a sign displaying the status of the water, needs a better translation i think

A nice spot for a picnic by the river

Rode my bike on the concrete path to take this shot, and was quickly reprimanded by the NP ranger stationed there, who was worried i would destroy the concrete

Layout of the area and the walking trail around it

Before making camp i went on to the Thai Lao border point at Phu Sang, some improvements being made so i asked if i would be able cross with a motorcycle, got a polite no !

Made my way to the campsite and pitched up, its free to camp here which is unusual for a NP area, Location
N19.66624° E100.37746°. The location has good toilet and shower facilities also but the restaurants are down by the waterfall and told they close at 4pm, i had spotted a nice looking restaurant just south of the waterfall so headed back to get some food and a few beers

Bridge to nowhere :-)

My trusty old Honda Baja

I was the only person camping this evening, i sat and watched the sun set behind the forest as i sipped a few beers i had brought from the restaurant before turning it for the night, i got a visit from the local ranger at 11pm who was surprised i was alone he offered me some Lao Khao which i politely declined

Back to the restaurant in the morning and some nice coffee to kick start the day

Location N19.66031° E100.37619°

Back on the fragile path before the ranger started work to grab this shot

A detour was in order to break up the ride home this trail was nicely graded out through the rubber plantations

Plantation workers home and rubber trees tapped out

Well that was it an enjoyable trip poking around the many attractions we have in Northern Thailand on my doorstep

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