boarder crossing Mukdahan - Savannakhet 2nd friendship bridge


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Oct 19, 2011
Malaysia / Thailand
Honda NX 650
We were crossing the boarder from Mukdahan (Thailand) to Savannakhet (Laos) on 2 Honda CRF 250 (rented bikes) - 2 pax. You can not ride the bike over the bridge as there are no motorcycles allowed at all. The crossing is allowed for cars, buses, trucks only. So we put the bikes on 2 pickups, after we have checked with Thai customs, if we can do it and if all documents we have are sufficient. As we had a really good driver, with obviously lot's of experience, the whole boarder crossing took us only 1,5 hours. For sure this was not for free, but reading all the latest reports and as we needed to extend our tourist visa anyhow this was the best option for us:
1500,00 THB per bike (all included) for the transfer
430,00 THB insurance for Laos per bike at the Laos boarder (Lane Xang Assurance)
300,00 THB at Laos customs for whatever per bike / person? We did not get any receipt for this ?This can be obviously variable
30,00 USD for visa on arrival per person (German passport) - 30 days - 2 photos, 1 copy of your passport needed

Thai boarder:
They kept only 1 signed passport copy of each of us and the signed power of attorney for each bike
also only 1 signed passport copy of the owner of the motorcycles for the 2 of us
Also the original motorcycle documents were needed, but no copy kept
In return we got a customs declaration paper for each bike, which we need again for entering Thailand later p

At the Laos boarder:
We got our visa and insurance and also a customs document for each bike, which we need when leaving Laos again

At both boarder sides they asked us where we will leave Laos and enter Thailand again, so you should know this.

The number of copies you need and which document you should provide can change. We just had 3 sets of everything: our passport, motorcycle document (green), passport of the owner. we also had a signed power of attorney, a document for each mktorcycle and a document for each rider all signed from the owner. Better too many than too less ?

We also have a business card of the guy,who offer this transfer service, also the other way round. If you have no doubt I can upload a picture of that here as well.

Greetings Alexandra & André 20190213_082250.jpg20190213_090923.jpg20190213_095815.jpg
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Hello Alexandra.
Good to see you on Ride Asia.
Hope to read of your (and Andre's) travels.
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Great news guy's if you can post up the contact info of the pick up guy that would be most useful and rough costs for the process.
I will follow up as soon as possible - we are currently in Bountai and have some decent WIFI, but heading south-west tomorrow again and do not know, how the road will be. It is always a surprise :D, so we also prepare for this tonight
Thanks, hope you keep your feet dry doing the dam crossing.
I saw two Thai registered motorcycles on a recent trip to Savanakhet (last month). One was a big bike, Honda 650cc I think the other was a scooter riden by a farang who was applying for a Thai visa at the consulate there. I assume both bikes made it across the bridge, but probably in the back of a pickup.
Here is the business card of the guy with a Thai telephone number and a Laos one. Depending from which side you request his service :D. If you can't read it properly pls let me know, then I try to make a better picture.74973
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Coming back into Thailand crossing the boarder Husyxai - Chiang Khong on the 13th, March, the Thai Immigration was requesting the stamped letter of conveyance, which they have been not interested in down at Mukdahan. So make sure that you get this stamped in order to save time. Despite this was a relaxed boarder crossing. Details in the report boarder crossing Huayxai - Chiang Khong76086

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