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Jan 14, 2011
Pit stop after 6th ride around the world, in USA,
Oldest 1931, newest 2016, numerous makes and models in between on several continents
Stock 1981 R80G/S below, which is the model that started the Big Dog Adventure Ride in 1988. Since then the entered machines have morphed to being 1250 GS owners to F650 and 650 Challenge serious off-pavement machines, but the roots are still BMW air cooled models, commonly known as "airheads" for being air coooled.
Stock R80GS.jpg

However, four highly modified BMW airhead entrants in the "Last, Last and Nevermore" Big Dog Adventure Ride August 11-14, 2019 were:

R80G/S, 1981, highly modified to nearly 1100 cc, driven from Watkinsville, GA, by Nathan Mende
Modified 1,100 cc 1981 R 80GS  (1) (600 x 450).jpg

R75/6,5 and "other bits", 1975 base model, from Hatfield, Arkansas via Sturgis, by John Ogden
1975 Frankenstein R75 (600 x 450).jpg

R80 ST highly modified, from Muenster, Texas, by Ronnie Weinsapfel
Modified R80 ST 1,000 cc (600 x 450).jpg

HPN, from Denver, Colorado, by Jeff Allerman
HPN (600 x 450).jpg

Look for exclusive reportage in the BMW OTL magazine on this unique adventure "non-race, rally or competitive event," started 31 years ago by BMW of Denver, but moving to RIP status from physical gatherings of the fraternity of entrants due to the "bionic" being of a majority of the members from years of seriously advanced adventure riding and competition, like some having entered and finished the Baja 1,000, the Paris Dakar Rally, and several 'round-the-world circumnavigations.

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