Black Ice ????


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Jul 3, 2013
Shandong (China)
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Hi Ron

The next video is the most scared one for me?

Left early in the morning (7 am) near a Chinese National park area in Sichuan Province.

A friend on the ride was up front on a 250cc Chinese dirt bike.
I noticed from my temperature read out it was about -5C, with the road a bit wet?
Black ice I am thinking? so I was taking easy.
At 3.08 time you can view I was riding downhill with a sweeping right bend.

When I see my friend shouting and waving his hand tell me to slow down or stop?

As I come around the bend a car had slid off with my friend's bike up behind the car,(later he told me he came off and hit the car).

By now I was at a walking pace with my friend holding the back top box to stop me.

I was aware that other cars were behind me so I decided after seeing the truck ahead and in the dry sunlight, that it would be the safest place to park.

From the amount of snow that was on the road, I believe now the truck up in front must have hit the ice early on.?

As I pass the car you can clearly see how ice was on the road was as the Chinese guy was having trouble moving.

Needless to say, my friend was ok and only had slight damage to his bike.
Could have been a lot worse for both of us, but thankfully my friend is experiencing RTW riders and his first thoughts were to warn me.
Thank you for that man.

You always think about times like these, would I have come off if I wasn't warned.


Some great scenic views as well.

Ride safe and stay away from Black Ice...
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Dangerous, but beautiful scenery! Reminded me of Canada.
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