Back-Bone Ribcage modification GoPro Hero 3+ Black


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Feb 1, 2013
Suzuki GD110HU, BMW F650GS
For a non motorcycle related project I became interested to modify an action camera to accept cheap C mount (CCTV type) lenses.
I found a used GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition for a reasonable price and ordered the Ribcage modification kit from the Back-Bone dealer in Singapore.

The actual work involved took me a full morning as I had no experience (dis)assembling the GoPro.
However with the manual and video's that Back-Bone provides it is a relatively straight forward job.

This system allows for a broad scope of cheap lenses to be mounted on the GoPro, including the original plastic lens!
Using these CCTV lenses gets rid of the barrel distortion of the original GoPro lens. However you cannot use the waterproof case any more!

If anyone is interested but scared to do it by themselves, welcome to do it at my place but no warrantee whatsoever!:ride:

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