Auke Koopman’s Memorial ride and Mlabri Village Charity.

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Mar 26, 2019
Chiang Mai, Hang Dong, Thailand
Moto Bistro will traveling to Nan province to support Ride Asia’s “Auke Koopman’s Memorial ride” and Mlabri Village Charity.

We will donate 500kg’s of rice for the 44 families as well as transporting any donation dropped off to Moto Bistro between now and June 20th. Our plan is to travel June 21st from Moto Bistro to the Mlabri Village in two trucks with trailers. Please drop your donations before June 19th .

If you are interested in joining us or donating, please call 0884997807 or drop by Moto Bistro.

Moto Bistro Location Link:

Note: Moto Bistro Sunday Single-track ride: We plan to camp out in or near the Mlabri village the night of the 22nd and go for an Enduro ride on Sunday the 23rd. All are welcome to join in.

MB FB page info:
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