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Feb 23, 2011
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In the same way other maps have been compiled by riders sharing their information for the community, there is now an accommodation map available here :


**NOTE - The "Collaborate" link is the first thing you need to awaken in order to become a contributor.

If you need help with inserting POI's, check out this link...

As you will see there are some POI's inserted already based on Captain Slash's excursions to give an idea of how the points can look.

Please add your own recommended accommodations. Where possible, include pricing, facilites, even an image if you have one. Including the location in the title will serve a perpuse when viewing the listing as well as helping searches.

Any problems, do not hesitate to shout for help.

Accomodation to UAE is quite nice and cheap. Various types of hotels are available to the UAE.
So it's not a tension to accommodate to the UAE.
So, make a tour here...
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