Additional registration with Thai Customs now needed for import of foreign products


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Jan 11, 2011
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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To import foreign goods (or parts) into Thailand, using a courier (Fed Ex / DHL) , which are a declared high $$ value, you usually have to be registered with Thai Customs as an "importer" beforehand.

A new requirement on top of this has just been implemented. You now need to register with Thai customs your "import broker", which is the courier company.

This involves going to the couriers' office and getting a 3 page document, which you then take to Thai Customs. Thai Customs will need your passport, for ID page, Thai visa & departure card stamp. There are a couple of other Thai Customs forms you need to sign. This is then uploaded to your profile in the Thai Customs database.

They say there is a paperless way to do this, we couldn't figure it out in time.


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Oct 15, 2014
Hi Phil
Nothing new
Just another way to get money out of falangs.
3 Years ago as i get some Parts from Japan they told me this already . I can not import goods by myself if the value is over 1000 USD
I need a import broker .
And of corse one of the customs officer can act as it , for a fee .
Filling out the Paperwork for me and sign it as the broker and i had to pay the guy for the sevice .

If you import with DHL , there are DHL offices where you could go to in every bigger town ,but USPS Thai Post handles the delivery usally .
To witch office you go in this case ? Has USPS a office in Thailand or need i go to the Post office ?

I guess it end up just as a extra fee at the customs office if you don't have the registation
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