4 Days on the Ha Giang Tourist Circuit


Feb 8, 2022
Chiang Mai, Thailand
CRF 250, CB500x, Africa Twin XRV 750
This past November my friend and I decided to ride the Ha Giang circuit in Northern Vietnam. I flew into to Hanoi, where my friend lives, and we traveled to Ha Giang by night bus. As my friend isn't too confident with motorcycles (though he is licensed and rides a 125cc scooter daily), he insisted we use a guide for the tour.

Our brief itinerary:

Day 1: Ha Giang to Du Gia

Day 2: Du Gia to Dong Van

Day 3: Dong Van to Yen Minh

Day 4: Yen Minh to Ha Giang

Brief Description:
Overall the trip was amazing. The scenery, food, culture, towns and people of Northern Vietnam and particularly Ha Giang province made the experience one to remember. I can't imagine a more picturesque landscape with dramatic cliffs, deep gorges, rolling hills and terraced rice fields. I'd highly recommend the trip to anyone.

The route, however, while once a forgotten back-water decades ago, is now firmly on the domestic and international tourist circuit alike. Don't pay any head to online articles describing it as quiet or forgotten. Nearly every motorcycle rental company in Ha Giang was booked out solid, and every town the hotels and hostels were full. And full of partying backpackers. While they can provide some fun and diversion at night, the roads and restaurants are full of them and they are not necessarily the most experienced drivers.
Here's a photo dump of some of my favorite images from the trip

IMG_9923 Large.jpeg

From left to right: Our Guide, Me, My Friend, and an employee of our tour company.


Scenic view from Ha Giang to Du Gia

IMG_9940 Large.jpeg

Making friends with a water buffalo.


Panoramic view called "Heaven's Gate"


Rice fields at the "Fairy Bussom"


Yours truly and company at the "Fairy Bussom". The Fairy Bussom is the set of two mounds behind us.


A coffee shop with a view


Northern most spot in Vietnam, with China in the background.


Quaint valley between Dong Van and Yen Minh

IMG_0140 Large.jpeg

A farmer and his cows, Du Gia.

IMG_0189 Large.jpeg

A Hmong woman making textiles.

IMG_0604 Large.jpeg

Market day in Du Gia.

IMG_0736 Large.jpeg

Oops, someone lost their deposit.


Stunning landscapes.

IMG_1042 Medium.jpeg

Famous gorge.

IMG_1048 Medium.jpeg

Another view of the gorge.


The lands nearby the King of the Hmong's house.

IMG_1563 Large.jpeg

The King of the Hmong's French Villa.


One last picture on the way back to Ha Giang.

Thanks for reading. The trip was absolutely spectacular. Happy to answer any questions if anyone is planning on riding that way again.

Next time I go will be on a CRF 250 and finding the dirt roads...
Thanks for your report Sita.
Wonderful pics.
I will need two sittings later tonight to fully enjoy the movies on big screen.
Well, that's one 'like' for each day!

Well done Sita and thanks for sharing with us.
Lots of time and effort went into those videos.

My impressions?

The huge amount of traffic on the loop. That said, I'd rather tackle it on a bike than a car or bus.

The amount of road works and roadside construction going on. It's booming.

The spectacular scenery, enhanced by your drone shots.

That narrow track around the mountain side!
Thanks 2wheels, I always appreciate the time you spend reading my reports and your thoughts.

It was a great ride, and certainly plenty of nearby areas to explore next time.

You're absolutely right, the construction was nearly non-stop. From what I heard, Ha Giang is well on it's way to becoming as built up as Sapa.
Great post. It is a wonderful place up there. However, there are plenty more areas that are much less visited that you could get to. Perhaps you should come back and we can help to make a route plan for you.
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