Welcome to Ride Asia Motorcycle Forums

Welcome to the Ride Asia Motorcycle Forums

Ride Asia Motorcycle Forums are developed & maintained by riders for riders, without commercial constraints or influences, bringing a free spirited approach to online motorcycling information.

South East Asia offers a wide variety of riding conditions, including off road tracks, mud, water, dirt and hardpack for all levels of riders as well as exciting, twisty mountain tarmac roads and long rolling highways. Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam provide terrific opportunities for long or short duration road trips. Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are currently very popular with riders coming to ride in Asia also Myanmar is opening up. Many of the roads see little traffic, therefore giving riders the ability to enjoy the feeling of freedom.

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Exploring & Riding Asia

Riding & Exploring Asia

Asia offers some of the best motorcycling roads in the world, with it’s varied landscapes & cultures, make visitors return time & time again.

Some area’s can be humbling, seeing locals who live in their tiny bamboo villages, often in the middle of nowhere with little resources they try to make end’s meet.

On a motorcycle we are free to explore these area’s and see glimpses of a people seldom seen by the tourist & their ever smiling smiling faces is a joy to behold, in our forum we take you to many such area’s full of mystery and colour.

Bridges & Water Crossings

Bridges & Water Crossings

Throughout Asia, roads & tracks bring riders to water crossings.

Some of them are spectacular and dramatic. Some crossings are well constructed bridges made of local materials and some riders cross bridges with their heavily laiden bikes that even pedestrians will fear to cross.

Water can be shallow or deep, fast or still with each crossing needing extra attention to keeping the bike in working order.