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South East Asia offers a wide variety of riding conditions, including off road tracks mud, water, dirt and hardpack, for all levels of rider as well as exciting twisty mountain tarmac roads and long rolling highways. Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam provide terrific opportunities for long or short duration road trips. Thailand and Laos are currently very popular with riders coming to Asia, many of the roads seeing little traffic and giving riders the ability to enjoy the feeling of freedom.

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Crossing mountains and traversing lowlands, riding tracks throughout China brings spectacular scenery.

Temperatures can be extreme and riding conditions brutal.

Bridges & Water Crossings

Bridges & Water Crossings

Throughout Asia, roads & tracks bring riders to water crossings.

Some of them are spectacular and dramatic. Some crossings are well constructed bridges made of local materials and some riders cross bridges with their heavily laiden bikes that even pedestrians will fear to cross.

Water can be shallow or deep, fast or still with each crossing needing extra attention to keeping the bike in working order.

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