Why We Ride Solo


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Jul 1, 2012
Chiang Rai
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Picked up on this article today with made me chuckle, having owned an ST in the past this para brought a smile.

Age doesn’t seem to be a factor, considering the brief conversation I had with a teenager doing his best to look cool while pumping gas into a minivan. The van appeared to be packed with his parents and siblings, a potentially embarrassing situation. What if someone he knew should see him? What if it was the girl he liked? Taking control of his situation, he called over to the motorcycle guy.
“Hey, man, nice bike!” Everyone in the van turned to see. “What kind is it?”
“A Honda ST1300.”
“Wow…really? I never knew Honda made motorcycles. Pretty cool.” He hung up the nozzle, gave me the slightest nod of acknowledgement and hopped in the van.
As I rode home, I chuckled inside my helmet thinking about the people I’d met, people who couldn’t resist the attraction of the solo rider.

Full article here. http://ridermagazine.com/latest-news/blog-the-attraction-of-the-solo-rider.htm/?utm_source=hootsuite
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