Vietnam with UK plated bike??


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Dec 12, 2021
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I saw a post on here from a few years ago re. relaxed border restrictions when entering with your own bike. It involved an agency dealing with all the paperwork beforehand, but once in you were free to roam without a guide. I hope to cross from China into Vietnam later this year (crossing into Laos being the default option) on my UK plated bike. Does anyone have up to date info on this? Is it just a pipe dream, or is it actually possible?
To update: I contacted the company mentioned in the original post. They came back with a pretty emphatic "impossible". So unless anybody has any more leads.......?
Pre Covid, we had a couple of guys come through via Myanmar and they headed into Laos and Vietnam. They were using guides... who I believe were with them the whole way. It can be done... but it ain't cheap
Thanks Ian.
I have contacted another company that can (allegedly) arrange the permits for foreign plated vehicles in Vietnam. I will update here with any information I get. Cheers.
Well, I've hit a dead end. The company (lapalanche) said they can and have got foreign plated cars into Vietnam, but motorbikes are "more complicated" and they are unable to do it. He passed me on to a friend who was a "specialist" for motorbikes; but he never got back to me. So, I will cross China to Laos (and then Cambodia and Thailand) and do a lengthy rental in Vietnam on a future trip.
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