Tool for adjusting idle mixture


Apr 29, 2011
T. Khok Chang, A. Doembang Nangbuat, Suphanburi
Guzzi V85TT, Keeway TXM 200
Does anybody know where I can buy this? I'm talking about a small, but very long flat head screwdriver with a 90 degree bend near the end. It's a hollow tube and the actual screwdriver is like a speedo cable inside. We had one in the Honda shop where I worked in the early 80s and I believe it was a Honda tool.

I've had several failed attempts to have the idle mixture adjusted on my Keeway 200, but no Thai mechanic seems to have a tool to get at the recessed screw and so they proceeded every time to take the carb apart, change the float level or main needle, all of which is useless. All it needs is a few twists on the magic screw. Needless to say, it doesn't idle well and keeps stalling.

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