Terrific Sunday Buffet - Where?


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Jun 14, 2011
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Hahaha I've noticed spelling's not your strongest point Phil! :lol: It's a cracking place that, lovely shaded garden out back, and bloody good prices.
Sunday dim sum at the Duangtawan for 300 baht all you can eat is great value for anyone that likes their Chinese.

Service and views are good from the 22nd floor location.
Siripanna is down the old Saraphi road, turn left (where you see the Siripanna sign :G ) and go past the Gymkhana Club, keep on and you'll find it, on your right. 599 grub buffet for adults, or 999 with wine. Greg and I took the womenfolk and kids, (5 adults 2 kids) 3 of us did wine, they made a special birthday cake for Greg's daughter, we had superb attentive service, grub was great, did about 5 or 6 bottles of wine, 4,800 all told.
Btw the 200 baht buffet is the Businessman's Buffet Lunch, Mon to Fri. (Some lovely totty get's in there for the lunch buffet too! :D )
Have you found anywhere that beats the Holiday Inn 700 Bht Sunday brunch in Chiang Mai?

Yep, I posted pics of it at the head of this thread.
The food at HI may be a cut above, but the service and ambiance at Siripanna (I'm a Brit biker all right? These things are important to the likes of Ogri 'n' me!) beats HI hands down.
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