Switched power

Steve Canyon

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Jan 15, 2011
I need to run a couple of electrical items on the bike, Gps and phone charger, the bike only has one power socket so I need to create my own power supply..

This is what you need to do the job

A 4-pin relay 30amp, Wire and Connectors, powered fuse block, in-line fuse holder and fuses...multi meter, crimper's...try to use weather proof components

Ensure you use correct cable for the supply from battery to the relay and the relay to the fuse box

Mock up where your going to mount the fuse board

Mock up where you want to put the relay...

Turn the relay upside down and you will see the numbers corresponding with the terminals.

30, will be you connection to your Battery 12 volt supply (load carring cable)put the in-line fuse on this wire...30amp

87 will go to your new fuse board (load carrying cable)

85 Is your Earth wire, earth it well

86 will come from the live on the original accessories plug.

Connect it all up, leaving the connection to the battery last.....

Once your happy its all working secure all components and wire....

Now when you switch your ignition on the original socket powers up the relay and the relay powers up the fuse board, if you have a fuse board that hold 6 fuses, you potentially can power up 6 consumers....

Each one will need to be earthed and fused correctly...

Good safe power....
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