Selling an older bike - documentation issues at Motor Vehicle office


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Jan 20, 2011
Today the transfer was done on my 2003 TDM900 at the Nong Hoi office in Chiang Mai.

I had given the buyer all the documentation to handle the transfer alone - or so we thought.

The ladies at the office put up two roadblocks.

The first was that while I had submitted copies of my passport and yellow house book, they now wanted a copy of my visa. So I made a copy and headed over.

The second was a bit more convoluted. Since I was the original owner of the bike in Thailand back in 2003, the green book had a passport number from an expired passport - which obviously did not match the current passport number.

The second one was not explained until I got to the office - otherwise I could have made copies of my expired passports. But since I also have a pink ID card, they accepted a copy of that and told the buyer that all was OK since they had seen me in person.

So - if you are selling a bike that was registered on a previous passport, make a copy of that old passport as well as your current one, and include a visa copy as well.


Apr 29, 2011
T. Khok Chang, A. Doembang Nangbuat, Suphanburi
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Thanks for the tips. I'm buying a new bike now and the dealer took a copy of my passport. Now I'm trying to get them to use my ID.

Interesting observations so far: since the dealer is in Bkk, but we live in Suphanburi they were going to register it in Bkk. But farang cannot. If it is in my name it has to be registered here, which means I have to pay 2500B for using a broker.

We bought a tractor a couple of years ago and when trying to transfer the ownership we were told we have to present it at the provincial rego office. This is a 140km round trip down the 340, a 4 lane concrete road, culminating in having to do a U-turn across 8 lanes of fast traffic. Top speed is less than 25km/h. Needless to say it never got done.
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