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Jul 26, 2014
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Evening......(can't believe I'm the first poster in this sub forum!!)

Introductions later,but I am coming to Thailand tomorrow night,and am wanting to do a quick price comparison Oz/Thai prices for riding gear.
Example,I need a tank bag,can get one in my town for about $125 (3,800B, Dri Rider brand),but from what I have seen they could be a bit dearer in Thailand.
Going to be needing pants,jacket,helmet gloves boots etc.....is Paddock the best place to buy in Bkk??
So little time.....


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Feb 10, 2011
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The issue is not only price.. Choice here is much less than 'home' for me.. No idea how things are in Oz.. Secondly theres a lot of copy gear, some of which is OK, decent enough quality, some is clearly cheapo junk.

In Bangkok SP320 has a selection of tank bags, some copy alpinestars which I didnt think was up to much and some real brands.. They have a kominee for 2200


this alpinestars I was going to buy by post, but when I saw it in the shop it felt cheaper than the one I ended up getting.. This is chinese stuff IMO.


I got this menat for 1900 and am pretty happy with it


Thats fully expanded it concertinas down a lot also..

Selection of tank bag options.


I assume as those are set public they will be visible..
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